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  • New the 10th issue of R.A.C. with Promo CD in Polish is out!
    In the new issue you can find interviews with :
    Fist of Steel
    Randall Gruppe
    Provisjenie 28
    Vinland Warriors
    Locked and Loaded
    Natural Born Killers
    Battle Flag
    Revolt BGD

    Also something about koncerts in Poland and abroad, reviews of CDs and tapes, several other things...
    All this on 40 pages plus full colour cover!


  • New issue of R.A.C. with Promo CD in English is out!
    In the new issue you can find interviews with :
    Odal Sieg
    Iron Youth
    Głos Prawdy
    Legacy of Blood
    Legion of St. George
    Conflict Eighty Eight
    and :
    author of Nordic Front - John Murdoch

    Also something about concerts in Poland and abroad, reviews of CDs and tapes, several other things...
    All this on 40 pages plus full colour cover!

  • This time I shall begin with EXXTREM - Unsere Gotter leben weiter. It's not a new CD but rather unknown in our country. EXXTREM is a joint project of Noie Werte and Fortress but it's a pity that Scott sings only in two cover songs of Skrewdriver - Hail the new dawn and Stand up. The music is quite good and should be enjoyed by most of RAC fans. If you don't like German you will also find a few songs in English. Besides Skrewdriver's covers there is also one from 4Skins- Wonderful World, and the music from Return to Camelot has probably also not been composed
    by EXXTREM. To sum up - it's a good CD. Editor - Wehrwolf Records.
  • At last we have a second CD of our domestic group Battlefield. Zemsta za Zdradę (Revenge for Betrayal) - so is this album titled - is much more interesting and diverse than their debut. This time songs are sung be two vocals: female - known from the previous CD, and a new one - male. They sing together in most of the songs with an exception by few which are sung only by the female vocalist. Lyrics are quite strong, mostly against the Christian faith, passiveness and betrayal. Musically it's a tuneful, good played RAC. A CD definitely worth an attention. Ultima Records
  • Some time ago I've mentioned release of a new Aryan Rebels CD- Spirit of 33. Now after I've had it in my hands I can write you a few words about it. To call it a full CD would be an exaggeration, as it contains only 8 tracks with total playing time of about 22 minutes. Out of these 8 two are covers of Nordic Thunder and Triebtater. This CD had been recorded in 1998 and it sounds like an old German RAC indeed. Aggressive vocal, moderate tempo, songs in English and German. You can encounter some well know German shouts. The CD is banned in Germany. Imperium Records.
  • A new Greek compilation has been released. It hasn't reached me yet but it's worth mentioning. It's titled Hellas Attack - and consists of various groups - from Oi! to Metal: Iron Youth, Boiling Blood, Cause Of Honour, Stosstrup, The Shadow Order, Der Sturmer, No Surrender, Wolfnacht, Heroes.

  • It's hard not to tell you about Brutal Attack and Bully Boys split- Anthems With an Attitude. I don't have this CD either but I've heard two mp3 from this CD. If there are more songs like Superstar by Bully Boys on this CD than it's really worth interest. Check our mp3 section. Panzerfaust Records.


  • New T-shirt of Rock Against Communism - music magazine


  • Thanks to the courtesy of Tuono Records a new Ultima Frontiera CD - Non Ci Sono Piu' Eroi has reached me. As far as I am concerned this is their first full length CD because they have only released a mini CD before. Ultima Frontiera's music is a classical Italian Oi!/RAC not as fast as ADL 122, it sounds more like ARMCO or Peggior Amico. Everything is sung in Italian and if you don't know the language the cover/booklet won't help you either, as everything is also written in Italian. I recom-mend this CD although I can't tell it's a hit. Tuono Records.
  • Contra Boys is a new hooligan-drunken idea of the K88 vocalist. Beside 2 songs known from K88 CDs ("Spotkamy się na dworcu" and "Sobotni wieczór w mieście") we have 8 other good old style songs. Both lyrics and the music are catchy and that's why you may enjoy this CD. For WKS Śląsk hooligan it's a must. LET'S KICK THE LEFTISTS OUT OF THE STADIUMS! Band's web page:
  • S.O.L. is another project of the above mentioned gentleman. I haven't got to the whole CD yet, but after listening to 2 tracks, available on editors web page, I can tell you that it's a heavy hatecore. CD is titled Warmaker and has been released by American Final Stand Records. You can download 2 songs in our download section.

  • Evil Barber Records have recently released a new CD split of Byelorussian bands. It's hard to tell that Apraxia and Molot are two different groups because the same people play in them. Apraxia used to play heavy metal but they decided that this music style does not satisfy them and so Molot was created. Before Molot they've recorded one more CD - Kolovrat - very different from the previous one because music was calm and very tuneful. And precisely from this CD 4 songs have been chosen for this split. On the other hand Molot plays heavier RAC which I really enjoy. Both bands use drums automat as they couldn't have found any drummer yet.
  • Randall Gruppe is a project created by the people who used to play or still play in Beowulf or Excalibur. It represents simple Oi!/Punk with good lyrics sung in Czech. These lyrics are a response to the surrounding reality - they sing about Osama, the police, Asians etc. Some of the lyrics have been translated into English in the booklet. I recommend this CD - it's titled Bunch of Rascals.
  • Already when I have heard Diets - Deutsche Kamaraden vol.1 compilation, Shutt&Asche (group) evoked my interest. That's why I reached eagerly for their CD - Alles in Schutt und Asche. I wasn't disappointed - it's a piece of good RAC. Beside German songs 4 are also sung in English. Front Records.

  • Steelcapped Strength - The Early Years is a collection of 12 songs from the very beginning of the band, which have been recorded anew. Most of these tracks have not been previously published except those taken from the split with Volkszorn and one from Songs of Glory. It's a pity that this CD ends so quickly… 32 minutes of good, Skrewdriver styled, Oi!/RAC. I really recommend this CD. Dim Records.
  • K.T.C. - Rubikon - the newest release from our southern neighbours. CD is quite long and varied but regrettably it's obvious that they have saved on studio. Musically this CD is not bad but due to quality it just doesn't sound good. I hope that next CD is going to be recorded better. Czech's RAC fans should check this CD but don't expect too much. Iron Sword Records.


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